Dôme Project Interiors Famous Interior Designers Switzerland
Photo © Dôme Project Interior Design

Dôme Project Interiors: Famous Interior Designers Switzerland

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Dôme Project Interiors is truly the height of luxury. Indeed, this Geneva and London based interior design studio brings Swiss sophistication into every single project. Their creations are the dream of any luxury interior design lover. Whether designing for private residences, chalets, yachts or business premises, you can only expect excelence from these creatives.

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Apartment Rive Gauche, Geneva

First, check out this beautiful, delicate apartment decorated in pink tones. While there are some baroque and mid-century influences, it never veers into caricature. The gorgeous gilded details never become gaudy, and the patterns are so understated that they never truly clash. It’s like a princess house for adults. Indeed, doesn’t it remind you of the best that swiss brands like Cartier have to offer?

Summer House, French Riviera

Dôme Project Interiors Famous Interior Designers Switzerland
Photos © Dôme Project Interior

Another of their “crown jewels” is this gorgeous Summer House in the French Riviera. This time, the statement color is light blue. Besides, the hardware invokes the sea and the mediterranean landscape with its coral shapes. Another one of their statement exquisite, delicate designs.

Dôme Project Interiors Famous Interior Designers Switzerland
Photos © Dôme Project Interiors

Manor on the Rive Droite, Geneva

And how about this stunning manor on the Rive Droite? The style is much more modern here. You see, the bedrooms and living rooms that actually use dark rather than light color schemes. Even the lines are so much cleaner and more modern! While the costumer want to preserve the architecture of this villa, which you can see in the living room, they also wanted to add a touch of modern interior design to it. And Dôme did a stunning a job making their request come true.

Luxury Brands

Manor on the Rive Gauche, Geneva

Honestly, can we just stop and say, “wow”? The studio really went all in on the chandeliers for this Rive Guache manor interior design. Once again, this project focuses much more on the modern than on the cutesy baroque of the first two. But this is a newly-built luxury villa, so it makes sense for it to focus more on modernity than a renovated older mansion. Yet, the statement chandeliers truly add to the sophistication.

Chalet in the French Alps

Of course, their portfolio woulnd’t be complete without designing for a gorgeous chalet in the Alps. This luxurious chalet underwent plenty of renovation work. The result is a cosy but exquisite interior. Indeed, it contains traditional chalet decoration musts, such as a focus on wood. Yet, it’s mid-century vibes and the white color scheme that truly complete the room.

So, are you as in love with their projects as we are? Tells us all about your fave Swiss Interior Designers in the comments!

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