Enormous Living Room in White Tones

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Enormous Living Room in White Tones: This outstanding design, even with a similar color palette between the furniture, decor, and walls, looks gorgeous!

Equally with straight wall lines, the round details in the roof, where a luxurious chandelier drops above the center table, give a center element to this living room!

Futhermore, another perfect example is the mix of table and wall lamps!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Enormous Living Room



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Navarra Center Table

Boca do Lobo

The eyes are drawn to the top of this table, which is framed by brass, by the rich color background contrasted by both broad and thin veins. Markedly, the Navarra coffee table, which draws design cues from its native region, adds a touch of elegance to your home’s interior design.


Hera Suspension Lamp

Boca do Lobo 

Office Ideas


Hera signifies the emergence of a golden new period full of life and inspiring beauty as the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature.

This mythological being is the wonderful idea for this lighting installation. Particularly, it is distinguished by strong and emotional paths packed with minute details.

Thomson Sofa




Adding energizing accents and, most all, an opulent and sensual touch to any living space. This ultimate luxury sofa is a one-of-a-kind choice for any design project thanks to the combination of common materials used in Thomson.


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