Groves & Co: Bringing NYC Flair to Interior Design

You must have heard of Groves & Co. Their luxurious, refined interiors bring NYC glamour to both the East and West Coasts. Indeed, they’ve collaborated with top luxury brands such as Tiffany’s, Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors. In this article, we’ll introduce you to this glorious firm and its refined approach to interior design.

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Frédéric Fekkai Bendels

Groves & Co: Bringing NYC Flair to Interior Design
Frédéric Fekkai Bendels © Groves & Co

So, let’s start with a commercial project. This interior for Frédéric Fekkai Bendels brings real luxury to the hair salon experience. The building is located in the prestigious Fifth Avenue, right in the heart of NYC. Thus, the interior has to reflect all the history and refinement of its location. The shiny surfaces, mauve details, and sophisticated wooden furniture do just that.

Salon Interior © Groves & Co

Inside the actual hair salon, the design is a lot lighter. There has to be a lot more space for the stylists to move around, of course, but there are decorative elements that repeat themselves. Notice the focus on wood and the use of flowers to create a chic, understated luxury ambiance.

Cowper Residence

© Groves & Co

Since the aim of this Cowper Residence renovation was to turn a previously unremarkable house into something extraordinary, we can only say “bravo”. By adding art deco elements, they created an eclectic but still subtle interior full of luxurious elements. Notice the silk rugs, for example.

Living Room & Bedroom © Groves & Co

Finally, the bedroom and living room follow the same formula to create a charming and almost feminine ambiance. Delicate elements such as the color white and the flowers merge with the furniture’s mid-century design for a stylish and sophisticated setting.

West 23rd Street Loft

© Groves & Co

The firm actually has a curious way to refer to the West 23rd Street Loft. They call the project “Hollywood meets Loft”, and we can certainly understand why. Most of these mid-century style furniture pieces definitely call back to the golden days of California. However, modern details like the grey chairs and the distinct concern with not exaggerating the retro elements elevate this design into something much cooler.

Office and Bedroom © Groves & Co

Indeed, the whole apartment design follows this strategy. The mid-century elements like the bedboard or the chair are contrasted with almost minimalist restraint. The result is simply wonderful, and the modern details like the squared folding screen truly complete the look.


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