Interior Designer: Robert Passal

Robert Passal

The interior designer from New York, Robert Passal is well-regarded for his luxurious signature style and client-centered approach to design.

As an interior designer,  Robert Passal sais thar “Every project reflects the client’s individuality. I take the time to understand what luxury means to each person. Through a process of collecting and clarifying, I create a space where my client can be comfortable and do what they love.”.

His interest in people and how they want to live translates into a personal process of working with clientele.


Robert brings out the best in his collaborators — from Fortune 500 CEOs to music industry execs, fashion magnates and professional athletes.

From residential to retail and commercial projects, interiors take a luxe view of modern, international life.

Homes vary from a classic Manhattan apartment to an exotic villa in Portugal to a 20,000 square foot compound in Houston.


Feel inspired by some of their projects:

Serene Salon

Masculine Manhattan


A masculine apartment located in Manhattan entirely decorated according to the client preferences.


Collected City

A kitchen for Bilotta, a traditional home, all projected and designed by Robert Passal.


Beyond Classic

Beyond Classic is an 2016 Passal’s project that consisted in the renovation of an habitation with a simple color palette and some outstanding decoration pieces. 

Artful Bachelor

Renowned for his unerring eye, Robert balances fine art and antiques with custom contemporary pieces to create singular interiors.

Each project reflects its owner’s individuality, yet the edited tailoring of a classic, informed, and memorable designer is ever-present.


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