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Jacques Garcia, an interior designer based in Paris, famous for his opulent style, is one of the most renowned French interior designers worldwide.

Jacques Garcia | France Best Interior Designers

Born in 1947, Jacques Garcia revealed that since a young age he had a hidden talent for interior design, at the age of eight, he constructed and furnished his first structure at his grandparents’ home.


Later he attended a school of interior design and completed his education in the arts. When he finished his education, he began working for a firm of contemporary architects. This was a turning point in Jacques’s career, after that, he started to leave his footprint in the interior design world.

Project: L’Hôtel le Fouquet’s

Some of his best-known works include several luxury hotels in Paris such as the Le Méridien and the Royal Monceau à Paris. He also took part in other renowned projects as an interior architect for the Hotel Majestic and the Fouquet’s.

Jacques Garcia | France Best Interior Designers
Project: Champ de Bataille

Later, he purchased and restored the Château du Champ-de-Bataille in Normandy and the final result is amazing. (Pictured above).

Jacques Garcia | France Best Interior Designers

Garcia has also been part of several residential projects, such as the one above, a breathtaking chalet in Switzerland.

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Jacques Garcia | France Best Interior Designers

This opulent and unique bar is also the work of this renowned interior designer. The bar is located inside the Four Seasons New York Downtown.

His style is very unique and gathers inspiration from the most varied sources. One that seems recurrent is the Napoleón III style as in the suite above, part of the Maison Souquet in Paris. One of the many gorgeous suites the interior designer has designed.


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