Luxury Bathroom with a Stunning View: Today, Insplosion brings to you a new inspiration that will allow you to build a stunning bathroom with an amazing view, where all the details and view can provide an exclusive moment, your bathtime will be a dream!

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Luxury Bathroom wth an Stunning View



With a freestanding tub, an upholstered stool, unusual sinks, and a breathtaking view, this bathroom is a complete spa by Domos Design.


Here some suggetions 



Hera represents the emergence of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty as the Mother of Nature, the Mother of the Greek Gods, and the personification of Honour and Maternity. This mythological being is the magical inspiration behind this lighting piece.

A contemporary tub with a wooden frame coated in a high-gloss black varnish makes the ideal addition to a bathroom with a darker color scheme. With a built-in oval tub that will give you the most comfortable baths in the world.



The koi carp is a recurring image in Japanese culture and is highly valued for decorative purposes, including in water gardens, Irezumi, and most frequently tattoos.


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