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Mid-Century Modern Office: if you’re a fan or are searching for some mid-century modern inspiration, you´re reading the right article. This design movement had a significant impact on the United States during the post-World War II period in many ways! Furniture design styles, buildings, and interior designers did amazing work following these design rules!

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Mid-Century Modern Office Project

This style has many recognizable characteristics. As it is distinguished from other styles due to it´s clean, straightforward lines and honest use of materials. This inspiration exemplifies how mid-century designers approached their work!

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Virginia Armchair

Essential Home 

Virginia Armchair by Studiopepe is here to make a statement with its unique character and excellent design. Softly padded and upholstered with high-quality velvet fabric, the mid-century modern armchair design features a gently laid-back structure on a molded shell, to provide style and comfort. Complemented with a unique golden polish on the brass base for an extra touch of luxury, this unique accent piece can easily be the star of your reading corner, bedroom design, or even mid-century modern living room project.


Shirley Mirror

Essential Home

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Shirley Mirror is a lovely example of circular geometry. This enormous circular mirror is a structure consisting of curved polished golden brass tubes that support a large round mirror in the center. The polished brass exudes luxury, and the circular shape is organic and almost naval-like.

Marcus Suspension Lamp


The Marcus suspension lamp provides a delicate aftereffect for a well-lit house thanks to its modern design. This modern lighting design is a customizable element that complements any modern style home decor and is appropriate for the most elegant rooms. This modern suspension lamp has a clean, timeless aesthetic, making it suitable for both contemporary style decor and modern hotel lobby design.

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