Monique Gibson: Her Way To Design

Monique Gibson: Her Way To Design

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Monique Gibson only knows a way to design and is personally. For her, decorating is not about any one style or strategy. It’s about listening to her clients and learning—and enabling them to discover—how they want to live. The key is to ask the right questions and create an atmosphere of openness. She is passionate about people and loves learning their stories.

Monique’s goal as a designer is to satisfy her clients’ needs on the deepest level. Nothing matters more to her than making them happy. Maybe that is why several of her clients have become some of her closest friends. She is proud to say that most of her clients are repeat customers, returning to ask her to design more than one home.

For Monique, there is no typical project—not even for the same client. The only constant, he has found, is in the approach: personal design means really getting to know the clients and discovering both how they want to live in their homes and how they want to get there. The destination is always worth it and Gibson can promise that the journey will be fun.

The interior designer was born in Big Stone Gap. After majoring in dance at the University of Tennessee, she moved to Atlanta and found a job in the office of a prominent interior designer. One of the firm’s clients, Elton John, became a mentor. When Monique left to start her own firm, he entrusted her with one of her first projects: his home in the South of France. From there the interior design career prospered.


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