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Mr. Shopper Studio was established in 2014 in the pursuit of creating the ultimate aesthetic and super customized consumer service for the local interior scene in Singapore.

Ken and Kate are accomplished individuals in their respective fields, one in the soft furnishing trade and the other in the renovation trade for the past decade. Their experiences of working alongside them brought them to sense the unlimited potential in combining their expertise together.

They strongly believe there is a better way to do renovation and are obsessively passionate about it. Since then it has become their core mission; Good design and good relationships come from good communication and creative collaboration.

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So they decided to reform the business model which later progresses to become the Mr. Shopper Studio now. Presently, there are more than 12 like-minded partners who have joined them to build stunning homes, hand in hand.

Mr. Shopper Studio is the 1st in Asia to create the IPA Program (Interior Personality Analysis™). Together as a team, they have streamlined a methodology that could elevate customer’s experience, yet bringing amazing transformations results to more than 100 homes today.


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