Take Care of Yourself: Prepare for COVID-19

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Unfortunately, the world is facing the COVID-19 global pandemic. First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, and with all the teams of doctors and nurses who are helping all of humanity. Our sincere thought that we must stay strong and together now more than ever. Stay at home is at least what we can do. Consiquansely, we must stay positive use our time efficiently, treating ourselves and focusing on what surrounds us. Find here some tips to use your time staying at home, or discover tips on how to work from home.


  • Exercise at home
  • Finally, take care of your to-do list (yes, that one you have done on December 31st but still did not start
  • Listen to good music, watch a live concert
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  • Redecorate your home – need inspiration? Discover the most wonderful ideas here
  • Visit museums! Yes you can do it now, actually visit a museum – here are virtual tours for 12 Famous Museums
  • Discover a new language or refresh the one you know already
  • Have a little home SPA day
  • Do some Clear-Outs (closet, make-up, photos, etc)
  • Watch some Netflix
  • Cook new recipe
  • Discover new thing


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If you are working from home, do not worry. We got your back, here are the tips from people who have been working from home a lot of times and they are sharing their tips. Even if we stay at home, everything could be organized and productive, let’s see bellow!

Stay at home does not necessarily mean that your office is going to be in bed never leaving its site (although if you prefer like that, great!). Set up nice working space, maybe next to the window or even balcony, as long as you have all the equipment you need – you are set to go!

STAY AT HOME & TIPS FOR WORK FROM HOME-Covet-NYC-office in Manhattan


Yes, make it with some short breaks, tasks you need to fulfill until a certain hour or achievement. Therefore, set up goals, objectives and make some rewards for yourself – a cup of tea or coffee with a sweet treat, glass of lemonade, 10 minutes on cute youtube videos of cats or dogs, a short break for playing with your pet… Here, imaginary is a king!

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So many experts are confirming that the environment where we do our work, therefore does not matter if it is staying at home or office – affects the way we work. Likewise, working with your favorite Spotify playlist, sitting next to the window or controlling the temperature – find your IT environment. Besides, “If you ask your Google Home to play ‘classical music for studying’ or ‘smooth jazz for the office’, you can create a little bit of an office vibe around your home,” says Dr. Carmichael.


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