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Stunning Make Up Vanity: Everyone who enjoys taking care of their own beauty requires a space to do it! In today’s Insplosion article, we bring to you a new inspiration.

An exquisite make-up vanity with all you need!

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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Luxurious Make Up Vanity



Some Suggestions 

Darian Golden Mirror

Maison Valentina




The great Persian monarch Darius, whose dominion reached its height in the fifth century BC, served as an inspiration for the Darian Gold Mirror. The primary material appropriate for a masterpiece like the Darian Gold is brass. A straightforward but distinctive luxury item that combines the beauty of an artwork with the practicality of a mirror, making it ideal for any bathroom interior design.

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Maison Valentina


Under this exquisite pendant lamp, composed of gold-plated brass and expertly crafted, finely ribbed tubes of crystal glass, everything sparkles. It creates the opulent illusion of waterfalls while conjuring up varied settings.



Boca do Lobo




The No11 chair subtly transforms important surrealist artists like René Magritte and Salvador Dali’s works into a piece of art furniture. This accent chair’s massive bow back rail is supported by languid spindles that drip solid metal from the apron up, and its richly curved legs produce an optical illusion that defies the rules of physics. It is made of gold-plated solid cast brass with a varnish finish.


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