Best New Bathroom Trends

Luxury Brands

First, the key to designing the best bathroom is to keep up with the trends of the year. Therefore, you must follow these trends for bathrooms!

On one hand, the way a bathroom is designed has to be an intimate one. After all, it is an intimate space! However, when talking about any kind of design, it’s important to know the trends connected to this room design.

So, let’s take a look at some of the bathroom trends for 2019!

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Open-spaced Room

Bathroom Design by Philippe Starck


This Bathroom by Philippe Starck is one possibility for an open-spaced room. For example, a bedroom with an open ensuite bathroom. The room is organized by its three uses. Indeed, there’s the bedroom, the ensuite bathroom facilities with no dividing walls and a walk-in closet.


Marble / Wood Inspired Design

Bathroom Design by Archiplastica


This Bathroom by Archiplastica is in full marble look. The walls and floors are made of white marble, enveloping any other traits of the bathroom. In fact, the marble look allows for a clear, clean appearance that both makes the bathroom stand out for its minimal look and makes any other materials the stars. Finally, to finish off the marble decor, the bathroom appliances mix several materials. Indeed, from the wood cabinet/washbasin support to the white glossy look on the creatively shaped toilet and bathtub, this bathroom is a marvel.


Bathroom Design by Daria Babii


Bathroom design by Daria Babii this room shows a greater combination of materials, through the overlap between the marble floors and beige tiled wall, also with the white glossy tub and vanité countertop, and the gold brass open storage.


Bathroom Design by ONI Render


Bathroom Design by ONI Render, this one showcases a bigger mix of materials and more evident shapes. On materials, the design blends white-grey patterned marble with wood elements on the floor and freestanding support. On creative shapes, every surface or appliance on the room is a bit geometrical, with straight lined shapes on the toilet, bidé, freestands, even the mirrors.


Luxury Brands


Bathroom design by RUDA Studio, this room is mostly designed in full wooden floors and walls, combined with white glossy appliances, black brass accessories and only a marble wall for contrast.


Spa Inspired Room

Bathroom Design by Vanilla Studio


Bathroom Design by Vanilla Studio, this room consists of a special design, with minimal touches and spa-like look. the curved irregular shape of the bathtub, on pebbles and twinkling lights as the light inspiration for the bath, the room transpires relaxation.


Bathroom Design by Joana Santos Ferreira


Check out Bathroom Design by Joana Santos Ferreira. This is industrial interior design, with a full surrounding concrete look, from the floors to the walls, from the washbasin base to the bathtub. To contrast with the industrial look of the concrete, the designers introduced some wood elements on the shower floor and with a chair. The indoor plant supposedly growing on one of the walls, also helps on softening the look.


Bathroom Design by Mia Design Studio


This Bathroom Design by Mia Design Studio is yet again another amazing bathroom. Furthermore, it has a spa-inspired look, given the very open-spaced, natural light exposition. There are also many relaxing elements, such as the sofa zone and indoor plants, integrated into the room.

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