How to master Industrial Home Office Designs

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How to master Industrial Home Office Designs

As an Interior Design style, Industrial Design is commonly used on lofts and old buildings, using the idea of an open space office environment, which appeals to inspiration and creativity.

Industrial Interior Design style has been growing as a trend, not only as a living space but as an office space. Nowadays, office spaces in modern buildings and modern structures are no longer the majority. Many companies not only choose to adopt industrial building as the headquarters to their business, having the general structure maintained and renovating appliances and making some adjustments on others.

You can also choose an Industrial Interior Design style for your home office. With a rugged look of cement or brick wall, the trick is combining the right decor with these rough looking rooms.

Home Office Ideas

Speaking of Decor, there’s a lot you can do to create a beautiful yet practical home office. Let us show you how! 

Tip 1: The right Lighting designs

Combining industrial walls and floors with graphic floor lighting designs and modern metallic lighting suspension is a great move into making your home office both efficient and modern.

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Also, on those lighting design, you can be creative in the color shemes used. For example, by adding some neon or vibrant colors like the Graphic Letters Lamp Collection by Delightfull. They will oppose the old building look that’s tipical on industrial design.

Graphic Letters Lamp Collection by Delightfull is very trendy, given its rich and creative lines and colors, even the material itself. They are bright and fun, everything that can brighten your office and motivate you to work! And also, they can be both indoor and outdoor lighting pieces.

Tip 2: Use the right materials and color combination

To get an industrial designed room, even a home office, open space is key. It increases your space and creates a better environment, where you can both work and relax.

Of course, any office needs its furniture. So let’s see about that.

On casegoods, metal tables and chairs are a trend in industrial interior designed rooms. The same goes for storage items, either cabinets or shelves, it just goes well for the industrial look if combining metallic designed furniture. A mix of metal and wood on some furniture also works.

On color schemes, even if not in furniture but fabrics or acessories, metallic shades are a big choice. Either silver, gold and copper, they work well with industrial designed home offices.

You can also master a home office industrial design, if mixing some vintage decor. Antiques and vintage will go well with industrial home office designs and itypicalcal rough look of the walls on industrial buildings and lofts.


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