Weekly Trend: Timeless Marble

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Timeless Marble

Weekly Trend: Timeless Marble

New week, new trend! Inspiration doesn’t have rules when it comes to creativity.

Marble is timeless, it never gets old and deserves a space in every interior design project.

Timeless Marble is inspired in a beautiful material, with unequal elegance and brightness. It can be included in any ambience, either luxurious, either rustic.

Available in several shades, marble can be matched with different kinds of decor, in order to make the perfect interior designed ambience.

Koi Bathtubs by Maison Valentina

Usually, marble used to be used on specific pieces of interior design such as kitchen settings (kitchen counters), furniture (tables, mostly) and also, in an ambience (floors).

Nowadays, marble uses have been upgraded to that of walls, other casegoods, details on upholstery, and even accessories.

Timeless Marble is a unique inspiration which can be integrated in a design in many distinct ways.

If used on floors, it’s hardly an effort to combine it with anycolor trend and decor.  The feautures of decor are dependable on the shade of marble.

If the marble is in white tones, the room can be design and decorated around shades of black, grey, metallics (silver, gold, copper, even pink copper), red. Other color may be combined with white marble but in certain amounts and with selected pieces.

If the marble is black, the isnpirations on decor may be mostly white or metallics (silver, gold, copper) since anything else would fade in comparison.

However, Marble is not limited to white or black. Nowadays, you can find  light white and brown shaded marble, even white-blueish and so on. It really is a game of tastes and can do.

When speaking of marble products, there is no limits to the designs and color combinations you can find. Neither the design is fixed, since you can have curved line items or clean geometric lines designed. Neither the adorning of the items is written in stone, beacuse every piece can have different proportions of details.

The Agra Bar Table by BRABBU is inspired on the famous monument, the TajMahal, as the marble mausoleum. As so, Agra Table is a work of art and craftmanship, imponent yet elegant, in white marble and gold contouring.

Luxury Brands

Agra Bar Table by BRABBU


The Beyond Center Table by Luxxu is an exquisite design piece made of marble and wood, with golden brass contours. It’s available on several marble, wood and brass finishes.

An impressive display of elegance, Beyond center table shows the exquisite capacity to fill a variety of ambiences thanks to its luxury presence. This delicate work of brass, wood and marble reflects warm and golden tones on its polished surface.

Koi Washbasin by Maison Valentina is a japanese inspiration made for decoration, although in japanese culture is mostly used on water gardens and tattoos. It’s design is highly creative between the diversity of color and the scales on the wash basin panels, both enhanced by the brass finished surface.


The Matheny Table Lamp by Delightfull is a unique modern lighting design, although inspired in classic designs and aesthetics. Mostly composed by geometric golden tubes, its marble base is the ultimate touch of imponence.

Ideal for a classic living room with a modern touch, Matheny stilnovo table lamp came to reinvent classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling. With a marble base and a shiny design, it will suit just perfectly your dining table or living room. Composed by geometric golden tubes, it reflects the sophistication of a timeless iconic piece.


Yoho Stool is a beautiful inspiration of glaciers and impressive waterfalls of the Yoho National Park, Southeastern British Columbia. An amazing design with irregular marble texture on the base, with polished marble from the base and up to the top. It’s a design inspired on nature forces.

YOHO contemporary stool illustrates the expansive glaciers and impressive waterfalls located in the Yoho National Park, southeastern British Columbia. YOHO is highlighted by its irregular marble texture on the base. YOHO fits in every contemporary space or gallery leaving a trace of Nature's Forces marked by the Human Hand of Design.


Vinicus Side Table is inspiration on duality, by its form and color. Its design is symetric, divided by a large gold brass detailed ring. By color duality, its upper base is made of white marble and the bottom base made of black marble. It’s gorgeous, practical and easy to fit into any design, evoking luxury and exuberance in on simple elegant design.


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