3 Gorgeous Bedroom Projects That Will Inspire You

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Today, we want to share 3 gorgeous bedroom projects with you. Bedrooms are people’s choice of a room. They’re a place to relax and rest. So, a bedroom needs to be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful!

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This Koket Bedroom Design has a classic modern look. With the colour scheme of white, grey and black, the room is very elegant and appealing.

The pieces of furniture and decor are not much complex, maybe just a little touch of handcrafted design on the nightstand lamps. Furthermore, the piece that brings that wow factor to the room and makes it much more glamorous, is the Nymph Chandelier.


Koket Bedroom Project


A Bedroom by Boca do Lobo designers, this room is the epitome of variety in patterns and materials.

With colour combinations of white, beige, black, brown and colourful patterns, this room is the epitome of modern luxury room.

The design is all about using the adjustment between materials, colour and patterns, each one elevating the design or look of the other. The way the for blanket or pillows varies in colour, defines some level of impact for each piece. Darker colours seem to add more beauty to the fur piece.

The room as many additions worthy of great design such as the wall lamps or nightstands. However, is the Frank Chest of Drawers that gives the unique ultimate touch to the ambience, with it’s patterned and colourful drawers, each of one connecting with a colour in the room.

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Boca do Lobo Bedroom Project


This Boca do Lobo Bedroom for La Maison Favart Paris is quite the design. It joins colour, textures and many different materials on decor.

It joins a white background with several colourful schemes. From the pink and gold mix on bed setting or small flowery touches to the gold plated decor such as the mirror above the bed and the table lamps, to the taupe velvet texturized pillows, to the wooden table and shelves on the corner of the room and the metal looking table at the end of the bed.


Boca do Lobo Bedroom Design for La Maison Favart Paris

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