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Luxury Brands

A Living Room Decor: If you need inspiration for your living room decor, this post is for you! Today´s Insplosion Inspiration is about a stunning decoration where the colors, lights, and design lines are in perfect harmony.

The fusion of different styles but equally stunning suspension, wall, and table lamps gives this minimalist room the perfect lighting style. On the other hand, the armchairs’ colors and sofas are so balanced!

The fusion of dark, grey, and white tones with golden details is one of the most luxurious details that exists in the world!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Luxurious Details



The modern furniture creates a ground-breaking design with the flooring and walls’ marble-like textures.


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Build a Luxurious Living  Room with Insplosion suggestions!

Lapiaz Sideboard


Boca do Lobo


The Lapiaz Sideboard elevates great craftsmanship and design to a new level while maintaining the same style that established a legacy.

Luxury Brands

The Lapiaz, which is made up of two distinct modules, has an interior with poplar root wood veneer and is completed in polished stainless steel that looks like a flawless mirror.


Bourbon Sofa





The rich cotton velvet, button-tufted inner back, and matte-aged brass base of the Bourbon Sofa capture this grandeur. This velvet sofa completes any elegant setting.

The House of Bourbon was a dynasty with French roots that was renowned for its elegance and wealth.

Craig Center Table


Essential Home 

The classic style and presence of the Craig Center Table are unwavering. It has a top made of green Guatemala marble that is held up by a brass-finished stainless steel frame. A  a low shelf for storage. A beautiful center piece with a contemporary aesthetic.

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