A Softly Colored Dining Room

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A Softly Colored Dining Room: a dining room designed with the goal of being as calm and natural as possible! Otherwise, we went with soft brown and cream for this project!

All the space has its own piece of luxury; the wall has some design details that add another dimension to this room, especially when the furniture has a minimalistic style.

This contrast in theory may not make any sense, but when we see the results of this project, it is impossible not to be amazed!

Nevertheless, the details of the rug, even with a small number of colors, have amazing details!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Dining Room with Soft Colors



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Perry Dining Chair

Essential Home 

A midcentury masterpiece and homage to the modern living era, inspired by the most famous occasional designs. Moreover, a durable and solid chair that features a body structure produced in solid walnut wood. Afterward, the leather seat and back cushions contrast with the metal shoes on its legs, which are made of polished brass.

Luxury Brands


Waterfall Sputnik Suspension



The Waterfall Sputnik Suspension Lamp is a complete the magnificent Waterfall Collection while preserving the inspiration from the natural sense of waterfalls. Besides, this striking design will blend in wonderfully with any setting because it was created with premium brass and skillfully made ribbed tubes of crystal glass.


Ezra Dining Table

Essential Home


The stunning Italian architecture served as inspiration for the design of the contemporary dining table, which was created using a combination of straight curvilinear lines that pushed the boundaries of physics. Therefore, Ezra expands the universe of design and is the ideal accent piece for any contemporary setting.


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