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American Living Room Dream: Today´s inspirational post is about a homemade version of the American dream! This design is actually a subset of a larger project: an apartment with nine spacious rooms, including a wide open area!

In this article, Insplosion will show you a fantastic living room! is entirely made of marble, and some wall parts also have marble decor details! The wooden panels and the golden details in the decor and in the finishes of the furniture pieces add another dimension of luxury to this project.

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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Living Room Dream

This is the result of the work between us and our partnership with Ivan Satria!


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Imperfectio Armchair

Boca do Lobo

The imperfectio modern armchair embodies imperfect style and the allure of real, more true-to-life art. The manual hammered brass’s inconsistencies and faults reveal the beauty of imperfection. Although they appear to be substantially uneven, some areas are smooth and comfy in an odd way that inspires a desire for living room complements.


Minelli Bench

Essential Home 


Luxury Brands

Comfortably long, this bench is ideal for any interior setting. demonstrating that it is a mid-century modern artwork. It is quite cozy and a simple method to simultaneously increase seating and decorate your area.


Empire Suspension 


The Empire chandelier, the first invention of the Empire family, serves as the inspiration for Luxxu’s Empire Suspension Lamp. Afterward, this unique item, which will look stunning in any setting, is constructed with a single exquisite layer of brass and crystal.


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