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Bathrooms are supposed to be intimate spaces, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always totally isolated rooms. Sometimes, you need a bathroom screen to divide the room and help you keep your privacy. That’s why we’re sharing the best bathroom screen inspirations!

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What is a bathroom screen?

First of all: what exactly is a bathroom screen? We’ve got you. Screens are panels that separate a part of the room from the other, in this case, a bathroom.

So if a bathroom is an isolated room, it’s easier to design. If not, creativity allows for a beautiful room and privacy!

The bathroom may have its place, but not have doors separating it from the bedroom for example. It may have just a wall. The bathroom itself may not be on display but it also does not offer sufficient privacy.

So, one creative idea to facilitate the use of the bathroom and retain some privacy is using screens. Let’s see how screens fit a bathroom ambience.


This Bathroom by Maison Valentina is a gorgeous room design. The model is open-spaced. There’s a zone for the bath with a bathtub and all the needed accessories such as towel rack and, there’s a zone, hidden by the wall, where you can keep the rest of the bathroom appliances.

Of course, the room is spacious and very well designed. However, it would be a good idea to limit the side turned to the door with a screen. Besides, the screen can have a gorgeous design, which will fit the room and still provide privacy.

Screens don’t have a particular rule for the rooms they’re used in, so they are always a good fit.



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The Gold Screen by Boca do Lobo would be a good fit here. It’s designed with a gold leaf finish and inspired by the wealth and prosperity that gold and silver used to imply in ancient times.

The Koi Bathroom


This bathroom ambience by Maison Valentina also, is much bolder on the choice of materials, such as marble and colours, contrasting two strong colours, the white and the black. Of course, the marble makes each colour much bolder than they already are.

With the Koi Collection by Maison Valentina, the Koi Screen would, of course, fit the best. The Koi Screen by Brabbu would be a great fit. It goes with the Maison Valentina Koi Collection seen on the bathtub and freestanding. The Koi Screen as the collection is inspired by Japanese culture. Besides, the material and variation of colours make it easier for the screen to fit in any kind of ambience.



Yet another of Maison Valentina bathroom ambiences, this one reflects the same open-spaced model as the others, therefore emphasizing the completely uncovered room even on the bath area and where the Koi Screen, again, would fit really well.

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