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Cristina Celestino

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Cristina Celestino was born in 1980 in Pordenone. n 2005, after graduating from the School of Architecture at IUAV University of Venice, she worked with prestigious design studios, focusing on interior architecture and design.

In 2009 she moved to Milan, founding two years later her brand Attico Design. This one mainly focused on the conception of lamps and furnishings production. In 2013 she opened her own design studio. On the occasion of DesignMiami 2016, Cristina designed “The Happy Room” collection for Fendi.

Cristina Celestino – Best Interior Design Projects

A great collector of Italian design masterpieces and curious about all objects, her work is based on observation and research. She channels the potential of forms, functions and goes beyond the traditional relationships between fashion, art, and design.

She incorporates a passionate interest in old and new, traditional and contemporary into her projects, develops creative solutions, and plays freely with ideas. Common characteristics of all projects are defined geometry and rigorous research. Through variations in scale and small inventions, the objects are able to convey new messages and different meanings.

As a designer and architect, Cristina Celestino creates exclusive projects for private clients and companies. Stay tuned!

Studio, Milano

True to her spirit, in this interior, Cristina Celestino fully expresses her poetics based on references, balanced geometry, soft colors, and effortless, almost restrained, playful elegance.

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Best Interior Design Projects

Palazzo Avino, Ravello

The dramatic hotel in Ravello is perched on the hills overlooking the Amalfi coastline. The palette of colors starts from absolute white, the dominant tone of the interiors of Palazzo Avino, and then shifts into three moods: aquamarine, coral, and sand.

Cristina Celestino – Best Interior Design Projects

28 Posti, Milano

The work plays on the concepts of authenticity, comfort, simplicity, origins, and aims to create a parallel between the interior of the restaurant and the kitchen of its chef Marco Ambrosino, the undisputed soul of the place.

Best Interior Design Projects

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