hoo Interior Design: The Hong Kong Studio to Look Out For

Although there’s no shortage of brilliant Hong Kong creators, hoo interior design really stands out. The name of the firm is spelled just like that, with no fuss or capital letters. Yet, their interiors are far from uninteresting or bare. Indeed, hoo brings the concept of haute couture into the home. Their goal is to create a refined ambiance utterly suited to client’s needs. Curious? We’ve gathered their top 3 projects to help you get inspired.

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Edythe Apartment ©️ hoo

YC Chen: The man behind hoo interior design

But who is the man behind the firm? Founder YC Chen was born in Shangai and raised in Hong Kong, but majored in business in Michigan. He actually spent over a decade in the advertising industry. Yet, in 2009, he decided to follow his creative instincts by starting a brand new design firm.

His creativity and commitment to bringing the haute couture concept into interior design paid off. He won Perspective’s 40Under40 Award in 2016, and has kept making waves ever since. Although hoo‘s style shares something in common with the minimalist hong kong, his projects are entirely unique, always suited to client’s unique needs and tastes.

The Edythe

How personal are hoo‘s projects? Well, their projects are actually named after the clients they’re designed for. Such is the case with the Edythe, which was designed for a couple with two young daughters. Rather than a childish, quaint decor, these sophisticated clients wanted a stylish, practical home that allowed them to maintain their previous lifestyle. The firm achieved this by using a stylish, grey color palette, yet creating a lot of open spaces that the family could play in, and betting on concealed storage to keep the toys from cluttering everything.

Yet, these two living room details prove that the design was about so much more than practicality. The art, luxurious use of marble and wood, and inclusion of the client’s favored wine make this a deeply personal interior.

The Eve

And now, something entirely different. The Eve was a renovation for an apartment in a traditional luxury residential era. So, rather than betting on purely modern pieces like in the first project, hoo went with the modern classic style. The use of walnut wood and classic vintage pieces, such as the dining chairs, contrasts with the modern sofa, rug, and table designs, which are so much more contemporary. Thus, the result is an interior that reflects the present without forgetting the area’s history.

Indeed, you get that impression even more clearly from this view of the living room corner and dining areas. These are two parts of the project where the vintage influences are the clearest. Notice the antique design of the imposing leather armchair, as well as the classic look of the dining room. It’s only the subtle pieces of decor, such as the empty frames and the metal scuptures, that bring modernity into the look.

The Sharon

Sharon © hoo interior design

Finally, we have the Sharon. This art-deco project was created for an elegant older woman, and it shows. It’s cozy and feminine, with just the right amount of mid-century influences.

We adore the lighting, the wall engravings, the lovely pink chairs. Moreover, despite being a deeply personal space, it also leaves plenty of room for the client’s visiting grandchildren to play in.


Finally, the bathroom and bedroom maintain the same look. Although the color schemes here don’t focus on pink, they are delicate and feminine nonetheless. The bathroom is classic and sophisticated, while the bedroom goes for a distinctively mid-century, yet more eclectic, vibe.

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