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Diff. Studio was founded by two young designers, Vitaliy Yurov and Iryna Dzhemesiuk, in 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In less than a year, Diff team interiors gained the attention of the leading international media in the design sphere and appeared on the main pages of architectural portals. Their mission lies in the creation of unique spaces with a distinctive character, combining aesthetics and functionality. Diff works internationally on projects including residential and public spaces distinguished by accuracy and high-end quality.

“Our work is our hobby, our lifestyle. As interior designers, we are able to continuously evolve, to inspire, to generate ideas, to learn new things, to travel. We are always surrounded by an incredible number of beautiful things which is the aesthetic component in our professional growth. Design is always a creative search of harmony.” – Diff. Studio


Their inspiration comes from the countries they travel to and the history, the culture and the people they have the chance to discover. This is what they want to capture in their work: the real, the energy, the vibrations of those countries, of a new environment and of its people.

Diff. Studio has a contemporary eye and approach in their designs but they make sure to implement traditional elements, as they believe the combination of both works well and makes each of their projects unique. They also keep up with the trends by visiting regularly specialized exhibitions devoted to object design, interior design, and architecture.

Their goal as designers is to improve people’s lives by making it more comfortable and more functional through the interior designs they create. They are permanently seeking to reach new heights and that’s why once they reach one objective, they aim to move forward to the next one, according to Iryna Dzhemesiuk.

Check out below some of Diff Studio’s interior design projects:

Sophisticated Residential Project

Situated in the Italy countryside, there is a residential project by Diff Studio, where luxury meets the contemporary and the classic style. Maison Valentina makes this house even more luxurious, by making a statement in the bathroom area.

Office Ideas

The dining room is more theatrical, featuring a burgundy accent wall and black and white furnishings. In all spaces, the display of golden accent pieces is constant.

From the various astonishing interior features, the aesthetic intarsia design of the parquet, the golden pieces, and the high-class lamp designs clearly stand out considering their majestic and detailed forms which are complemented by the ancient architecture of the space and the vaulted ceiling creating a monumentally noteworthy ambiance.

Timeless Aesthetic Design Interior Project

Superb and incredible private residence’s modern interior design in France. Featuring a timeless aesthetic, this classic and unique design project by Diff Studio definitely stands out.

This interior design project by Diff Studio is a symbol of true excellence and luxury without question. A lesson in design, the rich materials add a royal feel to the living room design without losing the open space concept of it.


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