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Meet Aero Studio‘s Thomas O’Brien

Named by AD100, Aero Studio’s founder, as well as designer and face behind it, is the talented interior designer Thomas O’Brien. Most and best known for his good taste in details and use of impactful colors. The interior designer’s studio’s trademarks are its tweaked and different approach on Modernism, with a touch of classical design and a pinch of alternative, reigning frugality.

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This might have been due (and a characteristic of) its original timing. In the midst and peak of the recession, in fact, in 1992, Thomas O’Brien and his ex-partner eventually founded Studio Aero. Despite that, Studio Aero won several important projects, among which Peter Morton’s Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, David Barton’s sexy attic and Ken Aretsky’s cozy bistro Butterfield 81.

aero studioaero studioAbout Aero Studio’s style

Aero Studio is considered to be the most exciting designer studio to come out of New York in the past few years. Among Aero Studio biggest and most recent projects are the new Emporio Armani flagship store on Madison Avenue; a glam and luxury restaurant on East 46th Street and the DKNY Men’s store at Boomingdale’s. Although in reality the studio has several commercial projects currently under way.

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According to Elle Décor, their interior design style is best known for its fresh, modern and clean. An almost futuristically minimal aesthetics. Urbane but sophisticated and chic. Aero Studio combined design pieces that could fit in a showroom just as well as in an antiques boutique. Typical of Aero Studio is in fact its ability to re-contextualize things in time. It gives them a paradoxically modernly vintage charm, both familiar and minimal and sophisticated.

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Its Interior Designer Thomas O’Brien true American design love is in fact what seems to dictate Aero Studio’s style. Drawing inspiration from both farm- and townhouses. He published his first and best-selling book on the topic, back in 2010, called ‘American Modern’. His later book, ‘Aero: Beginning to Now’ came out in 2013.

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