Ries Hayes: Timeless and Effortlessly Designs

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Ries Hayes: Timeless and Effortlessly Designs

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Ries Hayes is a New York City-based interior design studio. They focus on incorporating design, craft, and concept into spaces that reflect the way we live today. We are a solutions-based firm, an approach that relies on simple and bold gestures. Our work effortlessly weaves together a story and dialog of periods, resulting in timeless spaces.

Architectural Digest appointed Thad Hayes as one of thirty “Deans of American Design”. Architectural Digest has said, “Altogether, the designer has wielded restraint so astutely that the rooms exude a sense of being complete without being full.”

David Ries has extensive experience in the world of architecture and interior design. Throughout his career, he has worked to create memorable environments in both residential and commercial spaces. His decade-long collaboration with Hayes has resulted in a wide range of projects, steeped in history and culture. They said that “Ries designs spaces that respect the past, but at the same time bring something completely new, timeless and effortlessly personal.”

Let’s have a look into Ries Hayes projects.

Waterside Residence

Inspired By The Look: KOI CENTER TABLE


Overlooking the Frick

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Martha’s Vineyard Retreat

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