The Eclectic World of Peti Lau


Peti Lau didn’t dream of becoming an interior designer. Instead, the Virginia native studied performance art and dabbled in fashion design, although neither turned out to be the right fit. “The importance of how a space can influence people became apparent to me when I discovered Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs,” says Lau. “I found it very inspiring.”


How she started

Lau began her career in 2005 after she took on an unexpected assignment: designing a resort’s restaurant. “It all came very naturally,” she recalls of the project, which led to residential commissions in Dubai and London, among other cities. In 2009, Lau enrolled at the New York School of Interior Design to enhance her hands-on training, followed by real-life stints with decorators Cullman & Kravis, James Huniford, and Jeff Lincoln. In 2013, she formally established her eponymous firm

Her style

A well-traveled eye and eclectic taste translate into livable, tailored interiors that are full of personality. Lau delights in eccentric touches, such as hanging a heavy black tassel on an Andrew Martin lamp base and trimming the shade in an exotic fabric. Peti Lau has developed a signature style she coined AristoFreak™.  Peti expresses her worldly inspirations with eclectic colors, patterns, and textures to create romance and moods in all of her spaces.  AristoFreak™ emerged from Peti’s early career in Thailand, Mauritius, and Europe through her adventures as an expatriate, influenced by her love of art, travel, and lifestyle.  Her curiosity for exploration ultimately led her to the concrete jungle of New York City.  AristoFreak™ evolved through the ideology of “old world charms” adapted for modern living.


Her inspiration

Peti Lau says that one of her great inspirations continues to be traveling. Travelling opens up a world of cultures, people and colors, inspiration comes from all corners, running around the world helped her decide who she wants to be. “As a good designer you need to understand the styles, where the references come from, and then you have to learn the rules so that you can break them!”

Inspiring Places in Paris

Her motto

”Design is about listening to your inner voice and having the courage to follow it”

Her advice

“Be passionate, the industry of design is so big, not everyone can be a designer because it takes a lot of skills, you have to try everything. Every opportunity is a step to pursue your dream or figure out what you want, it’s a journey.”

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