Unexpectedly Expected

Weekly Trend: Unexpectedly expected

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Unexpectedly Expected

Weekly Trend: Unexpectedly expected

Watch out for our weekly trend Unexpectedly Expected! A beautiful trend with a touch of attitude. And nothing says attitude better than a trend full of colour, shapes and patterns.

When speaking of interior design and home decor, there’s no book that lists the rules of how to create a beautiful ambience. Unexpected Expected represents a sort of sum of creativity on everything related to interior design.

Either through an extended colourful palette, either through a variety of patterns, it always makes a statement. Making a statement doesn’t mean going overboard on details or adornings. It’s perfectly possible to make a statement with bold and creative choices, the trick is in adjusting the level of boldness to an ambience.


Room Inspiration with Delightfull Sinatra Suspension
Dinning Room Inspiration with Delightfull Sinatra Suspension

These ambiences are perfect examples of balance.

The kitchen inspiration has the boldness of different and vibrant colors mixed together, in a simple and white background. These combinations make for a soft looking and comfortable kitchen ambience. Between colourful choices of furniture and decor, the Stanley Suspension by Delightfull fits right in, adding that special unique detail without overwhelming the ambience with bold choices.

The dinning room inspiration has a darker background. The bright and vivacious colours from the beautifully designed lamps and chairs, bring light and vibrancy to the room. The mix of such vibrant colors with such darker shades is unpredictable, however, it works very well for these inspirations.

The several bedroom inspirations by Circu are so very unexpected, in the sense that you can’t know what kind of inspirations you’ll see combined in the design. The first thing about Circu bedroom inspirations is that they truly aim to inspire and create a kind of bedroom fantasy inspirations, extending the imagination in a theme.

Bun Van Bed by Circu
Bun Van Bed by Circu

The Bun Van Bed by Circu is a beautifully designed piece. The design itself is worthy of Unexpectedly Expected trend, since it’s not a common design for any bed. However, in bedroom inspirations for kids, many brands have started to be more creative and fantastic with the purpose of creating a kid’s own world and favourite things. The bed design is very colourful, mixing the usual colors related to the van inspiration. The inside of the van is made for comfort, privacy and a bit of storade below the bed, basically creating a kid’s

Shimmers of Metallics

Unexpectedly expected, as a trend has a lot of creativity and unlimited possibilities.

Living Room Inspirations with Metallic Shimmers
Living Room Inspirations with Metallic Shimmers

The Imperfecto Sofa is a unique piece made by Boca do Lobo, which give the impression of shiny neutrals. The way the irregular flawed surface of manual hammered brass transpires the idea of imperfection. However, that compromises neither its comfort.

More pieces can reflect the beauty of metallics, either lighting either casegoods. The possibilities are immense regarding the use of metallics on interior design and decor.

In any interior design project, the creativity can be shown through several features and there isn’t a specificity for which pieces are better for creative expression. Creativity just happens according to what the designer feels it’s better to fit in an ambience or interior design style.

Office Ideas

The beautiful lamps by Delightful, above and below, are a perfect example of how creative shapes can add that unique touch in a design. Be it in pendant or floor lighting designs, the diversity of shapes of these lamps is huge. There are designs mixing straight and curved lines, such as the Cannonball Chandelier and, the Botti lamp collection. Also, lamps with curved design such as the Cosmo Pendant or the Atomic Sputnik Pendant. And then you have a complete different level of shape, with the Graphic Letter Collection, thta follows a the shapes of several letters and numbers in neon colors.

For designs by Boca do Lobo, the creativity is not only on the shapes, or its geometry but the irregularity of the surfaces. The     Stool has a soft curved surface all around, making it very usable as decor, both as a stool or a small support table. The Empire Chairs Collection is amazing, available in several shades (gold, silver and copper plated), with an irregular surface and abstract shapes on its structure.


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