Interior Design Ideas: Learn How to Design With Marble

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Interior Design Ideas: Learn How to Design With Marble

If you still runaway from marble designs it’s because you didn’t know how to use them. Take a look at these interior design ideas and learn how to incorporate marble in your projects.

Marble is hardly seen as a a modern and neat decorative element, usually when people think of marble instantly either think  about bathroom design or ornate sculptures in a grandma’s living room. But it’s actually a pretty interesting and elegant material to use in an interior design project.

In order to give marble a modern turn there are a few things that you need to keep in consideration, especially when talking about quantity. In order to keep this trend fresh you might want to be careful with the dose, choose accents and statement pieces instead of amounts that overwhelm the human sight.

If you don’t know how to incorporate this stunning material into your house design, today we share with you a few tricks on how to achieve a timeless and elegant result.

Take a look.

Incorporate marble in to your floors or walls

Interior Design Ideas: Learn How to Design With Marble

The or in the tittle is seriously very important for this tip to work, you will not want to use marble in both of your floors and walls, you can only choose one of them. By choosing one you enable a classical and luxurious feel into the space. Use it as an alternative to traditional wainscoting in your bathroom design or dining room, it will definitely make the difference.


Opt for Marble Furniture

Interior Design Ideas: Learn How to Design With Marble

Office Ideas

Many people run away from marble furnishings because it can seem uncomfortable at first, but when paired with the right pieces marble can be an excellent choice for furniture. It is an enduring, long-lasting material that makes anything look high-end. Just make sure to take measurements before you purchase otherwise you will end up bringing a heavy furniture piece home for nothing.



Use marble decorative accessories

Interior Design Ideas: Learn How to Design With Marble

Marble accessories have become pretty trending lately, especially among millennials. It’s only smart of you to incorporate this material into your home decor, and it’s not that big of effort. A few years back incorporating marble was a big commitment because firms needed to dig up walls, but now, with so many marble accessories on the shelves you can have a simpler and much easier option.


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