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A new 2019 publication – “Love Affairs With Houses” – bets to be a new visual tour of 15 recent Bunny Williams projects, a review of her most loved houses and completion of another book from 2005 “Love Affairs With Houses”. Her own traditional style, mixed with some contemporary and modern touches, is an immediately recognizable modus operandi for the 74-year-old designer. Who, in her spare time, is also an author, a philanthropist for Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club of New York and Women’s Support Services. Additionally an entrepreneur and a dog and garden lover.


Her career, that led Bunny Williams to become an award-winning designer celebrated all over the world. The highest jump appeared when she worked at Stair & Co., an antique gallery in New York. Consequently, Bunny met the biggest names that gave her the chance of a lifetime. For instance, during the end of her 22 years spent working with Sister Parish and Albert Hadley. Bunny Williams would have all the tools and instruments to begin her own studio – and all the insight knowledge to make it a successful one.


In 1988 she established her own company, Bunny Williams Inc. Therefore, with few resources and the will to grow into one of the best interior design studios into the world. Having mentored with her acute eyes and impeccable taste the newest generations of designers.

Bunny Wiliams Style

I had been the secretary, the assistant, and the shopper at Parish-Hadley, so I knew how to run my own business. When I started my firm, there were just three of us working out of the guest bedroom in my New York apartment.”


Her approach – if an analogic one can be called old-school – goes in contrast with the digital era we are living in. All the opportunities to exploit all the new interior trends through the screen of a computer. Bunny Williams is still perfectly convinced of the importance of not compromising when it comes to choosing a perfect interior piece. Buying experience needs to involve all of our senses, to be perfectly sure of the of having found a flawless one.


Office Ideas

Another victory for her was the opening of the Treillage store in 1991 with her husband antique dealer John Rosselli. The store increased her success and put her in contact with A-list designers, editors, and tastemakers in a ground-breaking design oasis that put her name among the top.


I like the juxtaposition of new and old. I like mixing contemporary art with traditional art.


Her exquisite taste made her receive, among the other prizes, the Innovation in Design Awards by CTC&G. Additionally, the Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). And what can be better testimony of her achievements than the new project book? Her relationships with lavish houses are similar to love affairs.


Projects in which she can express all her flair: from Hickory Hill to an 18th-century stone farmhouse in Provence, all of her projects display big furniture to enhance the room’s measures. Likewise, poster-beds with pillows are best mixed with Chinese rugs and Maroccan runners. Or an 18th-century landscape painting transformed into murals. The room’s ultimate feeling is focused on the traditional setting and the contrasting connection. Likewise, contemporary and modern elements recreate the ambiance. Just imagine, her elegant yet comfortable creations are the kind of trademark that only a true professional can produce.



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