4 Creative Dining Rooms Just For You

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Creative Dining Rooms places made for people to eat their meals together, in comfort and with enjoyment.

Creative Dining Rooms are practical rooms. They were created to join people, families and friends. But there’s no reason you can’t make a room that has the joint purpose of dining and socializing into something unique and personal.

Besides, being practical doesn’t mean the room can’t be pretty or creative. This way, people can enjoy both the room and the meals they eat there!


Look at some beautiful creative designs for Dining Rooms!



Cecilia Corda is an Italian designer. This room was inspired by the simplicity and nature.

Firstly, though nature, the designer wanted to bring a bit of it inside. Notice the wall-sized windows with a lot of natural light entering the room. Moreover, there’s even an indoor garden next to the dining table!

Then by simplicity, as seen in the white colour scheme and clean lines. Also, there’s no clutter and not much on Decor. In fact, it’s bit minimalistic. The simplicity reaches its top game on the dining table, which is supposed to be a convertible dining table.



The idea of Studio ArchDesign for this dining-kitchen room was a simplicity, nature and even a bit of navy like inspirations.

The colour scheme resonates with the idea of a beach house, between the whites, the lively blue and the wooden elements. The simplicity shines through the low amount of Decor used, on the straight lines of each and every surface, on the geometric lines of every furniture piece. Nature is shown through the wooden elements such as the table, but mostly by the irregular shaped decor items on the wall.

Luxury Brands



This Dining Room ambience by  Olimpia Castellini Baldissera may be the most creative of all. Mostly because it uses a lot of colour and more defiant designs as Decor.

The ambience consists of a white wall background mixed with wooden floors. Furthermore, the wooden table provides continuity to the mix of white and wood. Then the choice of then Eames Chairs by Vitra. Finally, it combines several exotic and bold colours and the use of bold translucent chandelier that make it stand out even more.

This ambience seems a bit more relaxed. Indeed, the chandelier should not fit well! It’s more like a luxury piece. However, somehow, the ambience is perfect and the Decor fits very well together.



This gorgeous ambience of Dining Room by Miysis is an example of an open-spaced dining room. With clear inspirations on wooden elements, mixed with a white and black colour scheme, and geometric shapes.

Space divides its background between white, black and wooden walls. The furniture is also contains wood and black finishes, except the Vitra chairs which are white. Finally, the light grey fur rug balances the colour scheme.

Also, about the geometric shapes, they’re present on the furniture but mainly on the lighting designs, which are from the Beat Collection by Tom Dixon. These have several geometric shapes, with the exterior black finish.

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Editor’s Choice:

Ibis Dining Chair by Brabbu



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