Contemporary Living Room with Essex Armchair

Contemporary Living Room Design: Top 10 Inspirations

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Contemporary Living Room

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Contemporary design is all about a powerful desire to go beyond standard aesthetics. It’s about shaping new languages, creating new stories, and being at the center of everything. We’ve focused on these features, and here, we’re to drive your home’s inspiration with the best inspirations.

Contemporary Living Room with Essex Armchair

The Essex Armchair is an exquisite example of chair design and instantly transforms this contemporary living room set. Essex is the perfect modern velvet armchair to bring elegance to any living room design.

Shop the Look: Essex ArmchairEssex Armchair by BRABBU

Contemporary Living Room Inspiration

Greg Natale is an award-winning Australian designer known for his masterful use of patterns and colours. Greg applies both techniques in creating bespoke, curated, and sophisticated spaces.
The bold use of patterns and colours has become one of the hallmarks of their designs. So he creates a complex layered approach that speaks of luxurious habitability.

Luxury Contemporary Living Room

The Arabica screen is a striking piece of furniture that can enhance the mood in any space. The perfect choice for a contemporary interior design. To complete this incredible design, the Fitzgerald Sofa has the perfect finish for this type of living room. You can even customize it in bolder colours.

Shop the Look: Fitzgerald Sofa

Fitzgerald Sofa

Zelda Armchair in Contemporary Living Room

Once again the Fitzgerald modular sofa fits perfectly in contemporary living room interior design. This time combined with the Botti floor lamp is the perfect example that art and interior design come together. To finish, this incredible design the Single Sofa Zelda gives a unique touch!

Shop the Look: Botti Floor Lamp

Botti Floor Lamp


Contemporary Living Room

Ashe Leandro is an architecture and interior design established in 2008. Ashe have a wide range of projects that expand across the globe. His multi-disciplinary practise carries a signature aesthetic synonymous with relaxed, contemporary luxury.


Living Room

The modular sofa and the Saboteur single sofa have the perfect colour palette to match this modern living room.  Crafted with the highest quality materials such as leather and velvet, this luxurious swivel single sofa. As an incredible creation promises this single sofa provides the utmost comfort and accessibility. With its rotating feature and will perfectly adapt to different ambiences and styles, becoming a focal feature in any space.

Luxury Brands


Contemporary Art Filled Living Room

Kelly Wearstler is an American designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments. As well as expansive collections of lifestyle product designs. She is also known for her demonstration of provocative concepts and expressive narrative signatures.


Contemporary Living Room

A neutral living room design with a mid-century centre table. Featuring a timeless design, the Florence centre table is the perfect choice to add some extra-textual experience to your interior design, thanks to its unique craftsmanship techniques.

The Imperfectio Modern Sofa is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of authentic art that is truer to life. Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing your living room.

Shop the Look: Imperfectio Sofa

Imperfectio Sofa by Boca do Lobo



Contemporary Living Room

 This luxurious ambience is gifted with a clean and modern look. However, it can take anyone´s breath away all while showcasing a unique lighting piece that can catch any eye at a mere glimpse. A stunning living room design is a must in any interior design project. The suspended brass particles of Supernova Chandelier will offer you a timeless, bright, and magnificent setting.

Shop the Look: Supernova Chandelier

Supernova Chandelier by Boca do Lobo


Charles Zana

Charles Zana is a passionate French designer and architect who combines art and technique in each of his projects. To design the best spaces for his clients, he has established a housing system that they can easily take ownership of interiors structured around people. To make the best designs, he takes into account every aspect of their lives. Therefore, he never imposes a style.


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