Northern Grande by Aedi
Northern Grande

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Aedi Indonesian interior design studio working since 2004, focusing on innovation and functional purpose. Aedi  believes that any decent idealism and concept would not happen without clients’ support. A good quality client-designer relationship is a must for successful project execution. That is why Aedi Interior works on three vital aspects: clear role definition, open communication, and trust.

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Our design approach is more into comfortable furniture, a soothing palette, with maximum function of the space – Abstract art, a unique light fixture, and an array of colors and finishes come together to create a space that looks great and doesn’t take itself too seriously. – A liveable place to stay –

Residential Scandinavian Luxe

Our design goal is to capture your inner personality and character within the design of your home, where you spend a great deal of time and should be a place of comfort and relaxation. – For this reason, your living space should reflect your values, interests, and qualities.

Aedi Interior Scandinavian Luxe
Scandinavian Luxe

Surface at Kuningan, A Refreshing Visit

For a brand that aims to grab attention in the crowded market of skincare, we created an interior and shopfront design that worth some buzz. Fresh and hip with line drawing style murals, and playful monochromatic patterns in tilings definitely could catch the attention of people who passed by, plus, anchoring the trust of customers who acknowledge that Surface is a skin-care brand that cares about the lifestyle of modern and active people.

Luxury Brands

Surface at Kuningan Interior by Aedi
Surface at Kuningan

Trendsetter Residence

Featured in Elle Indonesia, project received a lot of positive feedback. Indonesian Interior Design Project perfectly combines modern contemporary lines with the client’s bold style. Gracefully embracing empty spaces and using trend colors, the house is full of exclusive finishing touches.

Northern Grande Interior by Aedi
Northern Grande

By the Living Room, the crown has to go to Eden Center Table, by Boca do Lobo, that gloriously stands out with all the gold and textured top. The embedding of art objects also gives a magical and unique touch alongside with the graffiti art in the form of large apples becomes an eclectic accentuation between the long sofa couch and a series of matching colored pillows on the back porch beautifully amalgamation with the landscape and the outdoor vertical garden.

Northern Grande Interior by Aedi
Northern Grande

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