Brass: The Best Gold Interior Design Inspiration

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Let’s talk about brass. Do you want to turn your gold inspired interiors and designs into something even more elegant? You can use it to accomplish that while maintaing an image of strenght and fortiture. Here at Insplosion, we will show you how to put this versatile material to good use.

Brass was once used mainly on specific products, such as lighting and hardware. It was also useful to create smaller details in certain pieces. However, it has now become a high end feauture. Why? Because it has a glamorous look, which fits well into a luxurious ambience and transforms one simple piece of furniture into a luxurious item.

Harpia Suspension by Luxxu Modern Design & Living
Harpia Suspension by Luxxu Modern Design & Living


The adaptability of this material is one thing that makes it so sought after. Another is its availability in different shades. At last, there’s its durability. It easily retains its quality. Neverthless, it is the diversity of looks and vibes that it can convey that remains its most relevant feature.

The diversity of brass

Many brass colored products aren’t actually crafted with it from scratch. The base of the piece can be another metal, with this gorgeous material being added as a color plated finish.

Several luxury furniture pieces, such lighting and hardware go for this approach. As such, many of these products have diverse metallic finishes. They can be silver, copper, gold and even copper pink!


Brass Samples
Maison Valentina’s Aged Brass, Casted, Polished with gloss, Polished Brass finishes (above) and BRABBU’s Brass Brushed Aged, Aged, Matte, Gold Brass Patina finishes (below).

The Beautiful Eden series by Boca do Lobo is a perfect example of a series of gold brass products. This series contains 7, 8 and 14 pieces. It is exclusive furniture with a gorgeous design. Each of the Eden center tables comes in 7 different heights and is manually assembled, making it unique.

Office Ideas

Moreover, it takes inspiration from nature, from trees and flora. It has a special textured surface, with a polished finish. So it can fit any interior design setting, either a luxurious ambience or a rustic one.

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Brass Fortuna Desk by Boca do Lobo



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