Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Any Living Space

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Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Any Living Space

We all know how important lighting can be and how it can influence our well being. Therefore today we selected a few lighting ideas to help you get inspired.

Lighting an interior design  project can be overwhelming and challenging. Yet it’s one of the steps you can’t miss to create a cozy and modern decoration. Not forgetting about its functionality and the fact that we can’t perform any task without it.

Nowadays, designers and architects all around the world know that in order to design a great space, natural lighting and great quality lighting items need to be taken in consideration. And that’s precisely why modern architecture often includes open spaces, large windows and several types of lighting design.

According to research, lighting can influence one’s well being and mood. Just think about the times that you’re in direct contact with the sun, whether if you’re near a window or even outside, rarely it will make you feel tired or sad. If you happen to forget to open the windows of your house, you will notice the difference.

If you struggle with this matter, today you might find these lighting ideas pretty useful.

Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Any Space

Task lighting is pretty important especially in areas where you know you’re going to work and get things done. In this project by Luxxu, golden lighting pendants hang from the ceiling, covering all the desk area. Grey walls and black details inhabit this bedroom design, serving as the perfect base for the dazzling golden lights.

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Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Any Space

A lighting suspension is always a great choice to have in an interior. They manage to liven up any ambiance yet provide a high-end look. In this project by Luxxu, a unique, circular lighting design falls from the ceiling to convey a dramatic expression to the space. White painted walls work in collaboration with a luxurious marble flooring while black and golden furnishings complete the look.

Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Any Space

Wall lamps will never go out of fashion, especially when combined with a classic mirror or artwork. A white, minimal color pallet enhances this interior design project by Luxxu, while a contemporary patterned-rug provides coziness to the space. Unique wall lighting finish up the look.

A crystal chandelier is a must in every modern dining room. The golden details and sophisticated design of this lighting item, provides a unique touch to the space. Place it above an elegant dining table and a few mid-century modern chairs to finish up the look. White walls and flooring make this beautiful set.

In this unique interior design project one can find pastel colors as wall coverings, white patterned rugs and lots of golden details. A marble dining table lays in the center while upholstered chairs complete the look. An explosive lighting pendant bursts from the ceiling to enhance the luxurious design of the space a little bit more.

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