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Luxury Living Room with Eclectic Influences: The Manhattan Suite Apartment by UDesign Marbella’s living room features a unique collection of artwork, ranging from enormous modern paintings to classical busts. Just amazing how simply but at the same time full of details this design is!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Luxury with Eclectic Influences 


Here are some suggestions to build an eclectic living room like this one!


Lapiaz Sideboard

Boca do Lobo



The exquisite craftsmanship and design of the Lapiaz sideboard are elevated to a new level. This piece of contemporary design, which finds beauty in the most unlikely locations, was motivated by actual karst formations. Its organic elements are accomplished by hand-fitting polished brass and giving polished stainless steel a sharp finish that looks like a perfect mirror.

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Fitzerald Sofa

Essential Home

The upholstery has a distinctive construction that is difficult to look away from thanks to a brass shell that embraces the edges and the lower portion of it. By fusing art and design, Studiopepe combined their undeniably vast experience of comfort and style into this sofa, offering us a work that will be remembered by everyone.

Adler Rug


Hand-tufted with natural wool and botanical silk, ADLER is evidence that we can incorporate a work of art into our homes.


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