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Romanek Design Studio: Famous Interior Designers in California

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Are you looking for interior designers on the West Coast that take a fresh, modern approach to design? Then look no further than Romanek Design Studio (RDS). Brigette Romanek’s firm is all about innovating within a variety of different styles and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. Explore their best projects with Insplosion!

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Who is Brigette Romanek?

Although she is originally from Chicago, Brigette chose Los Angeles to pursue her interior design dreams. Her studio prides itself on the ability to work on a variety of different, exciting styles. The aim is to find a balance between functionality and creativity.

Yet, Brigitte’s unique selling point is her ability to bring each and every experience into her design. Her ambiances are a product of all the experiences she’s lived traveling around the world.

Laurel Canyon Home

Romanek Design Studio Laurel Canyon
LC Living Room © RDS

While this Laurel Canyon Home could probably be classified as eclectic, it is by no means messy. Indeed, every element adds to a beautiful, precise final result. The mid-century armchairs and sofas look add the retro, comfortable interior. Yet, smaller pieces like flowers or sculptures give a bit of a personal touch to the room.

To finish it off, the studio designed an amazing gilded bathroom that looks just like a work of art. It kind of reminds you of Maison Valentina, doesn’t it? However, for the dining room, they went with a more pop art approach with eclectic inspirations once again.

Queen’s Road

Romanek Design Studio Queen's Road
QR Living Room © RDS

On the other hand, the Queen’s Road project is what West Coast Interior Design is all about. Airy and spacious, in a light palette with bright little dashes of color. The armchairs are distinctively mid-century and really add some joy to the room.

However, while the kitchen takes a similar approach, the bathroom is much darker and more sober. It may seem like an odd choice, but the contrast truly does work to create a diverse, impactful home decor.

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Romanek Design Studio CromwellThe Cromwell home is a perfect balance of old and new. Indeed, it mixes antiques and elaborated chandeliers with mid-century sofa designs and several personal touches.

Yet, the room we love the most in this project is probably the dining room. This delicate interior is too simple to be entirely baroque. Yet, it is just as delicate, lovely and feminine as the best amongst those sorts of projects.

The Allbright

Romanek Design Studio Allbright
Allbright © RDS

Finally, a bit of proof that Romanek Design Studio can also rock contract projects. The Allbright Club in Melrose Place, West Hollywood has a bit of everything. Thus, it’s the perfect showcase for what these designers can do when it comes to commercial interiors.

While you have the gorgeous, mid-century restaurant, you also have the examples above.  Just check out the beautiful outdoor space and the hair salon area!

So, what’s your favorite of Brigette Romanek’s projects? Let us know!

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