Tania Architecture: The Grace in Monaco Interior Design

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Are you an admirer of the refined, graceful interiors of Monaco? Then there’s one interior designer you need to know. Tania Maré, the woman behind Tania Architecture d’Intérieur, has been designing the loveliest interiors in the Côte d’Azur since 2012. Indeed, her firm’s versatile yet distinctively sophisticated style has them quite popular. Care to find out why? Explore their best projects with Insplosion!

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The Villa de Rome © Tania Architecture d’Intérieur

Villa de Rome


Nothing quite says sophistication like the Villa de Rome. Indeed, from the gorgeous intricate design of the living room to the white marble bathroom, everything about this project is about modern classic luxury. Many of the pieces are actually reminiscent of antiques. Thus, the living room could rival that of any luxury hotel lobby.

Besides, the beauty of this project is actually in the details. This beautiful living room corner actually includes more contemporary choices, sporting a glass hanging lamp reminiscent of a jar. Then there’s the exquisite, polished wooden console table in the living room, which deserved a closer view.

Villa Saint Denis

Ville Saint Denis © TAI

But are you more of a mid-century lover? If so, the Ville Saint Denis will truly stun you. Although the couch designs are original and almost modern, the lamps, muted colors, and retro design add just the right classic feel.

Ville Saint Denis © TAI

Furthermore, the dining room is utterly delicate and light. From the pearl-encrusted dining chairs and the elegant wooden table to the unique, eclectic lamps, this is the perfect fusion between classic and creative. It’s the perfect Tania Architecture interior, embued with the grace and style that defines Monaco interior design.

Luxury Brands

Entryway at Ville Saint Denis © TAI

Maison Fayence

The Maison Fayence © TAI

But who says you can’t use rustic elements in an elegant home? The Maison Fayence project proves that it’s entirely possible to use traditionally rustic elements, such as stone, fireplaces, and unvarnished wood, in a luxury interior. Even the checkered patterns on the armchair add to this cozy feeling. However, the use of flowers, light sofas, and stylish pendant elevate the design to something glamorous.

Bedroom © TAI

Indeed, while the living room still has distinctively rustic influences, the bedroom is so much more luxurious. The headboard and pillows go for a gorgeous satin blue, while the white background adds that light, glorious touch that all the coziest bedroom interiors share. Indeed, we’re pretty sure that’s what this project is all about: making luxury into something familiar and comfortable.

Riviera Marriot Hotel

Hotel Dining Room © TAI

Finally, we wanted to show you what Tania’s firm can do on the hospitality front. This gorgeous, sophisticated dining room at the Riviera Marriot Hotel is the perfect example. Indeed, through a combination of several shades of blue, punctuated by a dash of pink, they created an utterly delicate and sophisticated interior. It’s a rather feminine design, but the almost industrial-style lamps add a touch of modernity that truly completes the look.

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