Zen Interiors: Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

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Do you want to know all about the interior designers behind the most stylish Dubai penthouses? Well, you came to the right place. It’s time to get to know Zen Interiors, a superstar firm that manages to merge functionality and luxury, creating absolutely pristine interiors through the most gorgeous pieces.

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© Zen Interior Design


Living Room © Zen Interior Design

We just adore this contemporary design. While the golden details and sleek geometric shapes of the tables and decor pieces are utterly modern, the delicate touch of the flowers adds a beautiful balance. By sticking to neutral tones, it manages to create a truly peaceful and elegant ambiance.

Wardrobe © Zen Interior Design

Finally, we have the gorgeous walk-in closet, a room that is also the staple of any luxury home. This one is airy, understated, and classy, perfect for a glamorous apartment that doesn’t risk being gaudy or decadent.

Whispering Pines

Living Room © Zen Interior Design

Whispering Pines is airy and light, an almost West Coast Style interior for the Middle East. The white interiors and light wood make amazing use of the natural lighting, but the marble center table and blue details add a unique touch. It’s a gorgeous and spacious residential design, a true example of comfortable luxury.

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Dining Room © Zen Interior Design
Bedroom © Zen Interior Design

Then we have the dining room and bedroom, still following the same formula. There is light wood, flowers and wicker, true staples of the perfect summer home.

District One Villa

Luxury Living Room © Zen Interior Design

But if you want something more conventionally luxurious, you need to see the District One Villa. While the gorgeous Empire Suspension Lamp truly steals the attention, there are plenty of amazing details that add to the exquisiteness of the design. The mauve chairs designs are reminiscent of delicate shells, while the gold oil lamp in the marble table and exotic fruits add a touch of the local culture to the home.

Gorgeous Bedroom © Zen Interior Design
Dining Room © Zen Interior Design

The bedroom and dining room are just as gorgeous and exquisite. We just adore the beautiful shade of cream in the bedroom, while the dining room is utterly elegant, a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary design. Indeed, these are the perfect designs to finish the article with, the most perfect examples of what Zen Designs can pull off.

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