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In the last 20 years, Ken Fulk has gathered a team of 50 “magic makers” – among architects, designers, branding and events specialists – to help him give shape to his fanciful and over-the-top ideas. The concepts he managed to create are the essence of his aesthetics: be it an old church or a “Lord of the ring”-themed wedding, every particular element displays his signature style.

Every moment matters

That is the motto of this remarkable creator. Designs matching details from the golden age, mastering such projects as remodeled church in San Francisco, creating residential projects, as well as Las Vegas night club or café place in Manhattan. Art among nature details makes this tastemaker a real virtuoso! For you to understand better, the signature lines of this impresario, we have picked the most impressive interior design projects.


Saint Joseph’s Arts Society (San Francisco)



KEN FULK-interiors

The Virginia-born designer has started as house stager for realtors but later his attention to details has led him to a career change: nowadays not only Ken Fulk spends his days at his “magic factories” headquarters in New York and San Francisco creating the best design concepts for hotels and restaurants, but also he is considered the go-to expert to throw the perfect party and family gateway or to organize an extravagant wedding.




Ken Fulk’s vocation for design has appeared when he was only four and it hasn’t quieted down yet. The designer became the master decorator and style specialist for his entire household. Later on, a prominent figure for the American and international jet-set with lavish parties, unforgettable wedding events, and ostentatious locations.  All of it furnished with eccentric and unconventional design elements for which he is renowned, from vintage floral textiles to embalmed animals. Reaching clients’ hearts with unique style, spreading designs from NYC, USA to Mexico. Currently working with team of 50 creators, with a purpose to make ideas live, professionals of architects, designers, branding and events specialists are working San Francisco – New York. 

Leo’s Oyster Bar (San Francisco). 

Leo’s Oyster Bar

Office Ideas

Famous Leo’s Oyster Bar by Ken Fulk

San Francisco Leo’s Oyster Bar

One of his last successful projects is Saint Joseph’s Arts Society, the new art and retail space in San Francisco, that the American designer transformed from a 22,000-square-foot Romanesque revival church. With a new purpose for a performance and exhibition space with a 30-foot-high “Sala degli Imperatori” print – Catherine Wagner’s photographic work. Installations made by Dutch photographers and taxidermists Jaap Sinke and Ferry van Tongeren. Pierre Frey fabrics, vintage rugs, and modern elements combine themselves to bring life to the old church in an extravagant yet sound way.

The Sequoia (San Francisco)

ken fulk church, remodeled interior design

Ken Fulk SF Interior-Famous bar

The Sequoia Bar San Francisco
The Sequoia Bar San Francisco

Well-known for his signature-styled eatery such us The Sequoia, a cocktails bar, famous and named as best rooftop bar in San Francisco, with a speakeasy vibe from the 1930s. Leo’s Oyster Bar, a tropical retreat where “1950s Beverly Hills meets Manhattan club”, Ken Fulk manages to inspire with his residential and commercial projects, every time setting the bar a little bit higher.

The Sequoia bar by Ken Fulk, 1930 style bar
The Sequoia bar

That’s why it is not a surprise that within Fulk’s clientele we could name such Hollywood stars as rapper Pharrell Williams, entrepreneur Sean Parker, fashion designer Veronica Beard and much more. Amazed by famous  San Francisco designer? We found something you would love to see! Open House TV made close up look to Ken Fulk’s Magical Home! Mid-century furniture, animal decoration, and workspace – all in one place. Enjoy watching!


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